The IRTS Technical Panel

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The IRTS Technical Panel is a group of volunteers who have expertise in, or experience of, different aspects of amateur radio.  Our aim is to help radio amateurs with technical or operational problems.

What types of problems do we handle?

We don’t have a definitive list; however, here are some of the issues that we would have some expertise in:-

  • Antennas (e.g. best antenna for a given location, matching antennas to rigs)
  • Station operation (e.g. TVI, RF in the shack)
  • Sourcing components (e.g. “where can I get toroids?”)
  • IT issues (e.g. logging programs, rig interfacing, LoTW uploads)

How do I ask a question?

Send your question to  Provide as much information as possible, including details of attempts already made to deal with the issue in question.

How do I get an answer?

Your query via  will be distributed to all the members of the Technical Panel and the resolution to the query e-mailed to you.

The Future …

In time we plan to compile a database of questions and answers from our correspondence.  This database could be the first port of call in resolving a query.

Who is on the technical panel?

Good question … maybe you?

Currently, we are assembling a panel of experts on all the topics likely to arise.  We need more volunteers; if you can help, please send your details to  Jim Holohan EI4HH is the co-ordinator of the Technical Panel.


This is a free service for the Amateur Radio community provided on a voluntary basis by members of the Amateur Radio community.  We will do our best to supply full and accurate answers to queries, but we are not in a position to provide guarantees with or about our suggested solutions.

Read the Disclaimer in full here.

Updated 11 July 2012

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